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Lauren Shanley

Detail of wall piece

As a self taught artist working with cloth, I have developed a niche in the fashion and textile world with my unique way of creating fabric.

I started collecting vintage fabric when I arrived in London in 1985 from my native New Zealand. At that time there was an abundant supply, particularly from the 1950s.

This influences me to work with recycled materials, creating vivid and colourful collages which I appliqué, hand and machine embroider, stitch and embellish into layers of colour and texture.

I work instinctively, trusting this organic process which has evolved into using the fabric like paint, cutting and collaging each individual piece.

Travelling the world whenever I can, I collect textiles,figurative imagery, tribal art and folk art,these provide an endless source of inspiration, as do my clients from many different countries around the world.

Working on a commission basis from my studio, I create fabric and make up wedding dresses, jackets, coats, cushions, handbags, curtains, quilts, vessels and wall pieces.

Take a look at my new collection, my collection for weddings, my work for interiors and my latest handbags. I also run workshops and teach in schools.

For latest events and exhibitions, visit my info & events page.

I work from my studio in London.Visit by appointment only.

Tel 020 8691 6132